See You - See Me


Published with support from the European Uninon under the Lifelong Learnign Programme (2007/2013)

Aiming at integration and diversity at the same time we want to foster mutual understanding and tolerance. Our main idea of separate groups of students working on the topics CULTURAL VARIETY (I) - d/DEAF CULTURES (II) - INTEGRATION (III). This collaboration is based on the concepts of our partner schools.

These schools are dedicated to teaching special needs' students (especially hearing-impaired and deaf ones) and hearing students in inclusion classes.

Within the context of all our schools, students and teachers meet the challenge of some kind of inclusion every day. Now, we want to take the next step, i.e. outside of our schoolhouses, and create our (virtual) European house of cooperation. Our students will deal with separate topics which are all interlinked with the objective to promote communication and mutual support. They will take a closer look at each other from different angles and SEE – watch, notice, find out and understand. Thanks to their unique cultural backgrounds from different European countries, the hearing and the deaf world (which is a world of SEEING), our students can make distinctive contributions to their individual tasks and realise them in a way they could not do on their own, without each other’s help.